Welcome to spirit-project

Esteban C Borsani
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  • 10 May '14

This site is for discussing spirit software in general.

A little about Spirit:
Spirit was born in Argentina about a year ago. The development was extremely slow until recently, 75% was done in the last three months or so.
The design was inspired by Ghost and as you may see it has a bunch of features taken from other forum alternatives.

I'm the main developer, and I hope that a lot of people will join me in this journey, maybe you are one of them .

Some of the goals for this projects are:

  • Tools to encourage conversation.
  • Easy integration to preexisting django proyects.
  • Clean interface.
  • Scalability.
  • Easy on resources.
  • Test it as much as possible, as you may notice it has over +250 unit tests right now.
  • Pythonic code, following the zen of python.

The official repository can be found at: GitHub
Issues may be reported here or at the issues tracker

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