Django Kickstarter Projects

  • 19 Aug '14

Schema Migrations for Django by Andrew Godwin
A new, flexible and modern migrations system built into Django.

Any further funding over the £7,000 stretch goal will go to both improving migrations in the long run (and looking into things like Percona online schema migration for MySQL and fully-supported Oracle and MSSQL modules) and future related Django features.

Improved PostgreSQL support in Django by Marc Tamlyn
Supporting a wider range of awesome PostgreSQL features in Django - including hstore, JSON and full text search.

Additional funding over the £14000 goal will go towards improving the support for custom transforms throughout Django, refactoring contrib.gis to remove the need for custom managers, and helping with release blockers for future releases.

Django REST framework 3 by Tom Christie
Awesome Web APIs with Django REST framework 3.

If this Kickstarter project is sufficiently funded we'll be able to build on the baseline improvements, and additionally provide an alternative admin-style view for the browsable API.