Template Caching

Bjorn Cooley
  • 29 Nov '14

Hi Esteban (and all),

First off, thanks for making this framework and sharing it, major contribution to the Django community.

And a piece of feedback: could you turn off caching by default? I just spent 40 minutes beating my head against the monitor trying to figure out why changes weren't being updated, until I finally figured out that template caching is enabled by default (I had already set the other cache settings to development, but I don't often use Template Caching, so I didn't think to look there immediately.) Since most developers are going to take this out of the box and start trying to change things, that may save a lot of collective hours of frustration. Even a mention in the Readme would be helpful.


Esteban C Borsani
  • 1
  • 30 Nov '14

OMG, sorry about that. Yes, I think you are right... template caching should be off by default. It should included in the settings_sample_prod.py

I usually use my own local_settings that set template caching off, I didn't thought about it.

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Esteban C Borsani
  • 12 Sep '21

@teury there's a "test posting" category, go post there.