could do german

  • 29 May '14

how does it work :)?

prv-msg me if interested!

Esteban C Borsani
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  • 29 May '14

Hello, there

Of course, new translations are always welcome!

mmmh, you should fork the project, add a new locale file, translate it, compile it and you are done.
It's easier than it sounds. Just copy spirit/locale/en/ to spirit/locale/de/ (de is german I think), open and translate the spirit/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/django.po file (you may find an example under /es/LC_MESSAGES/django.po). When you are done you should compile it, you may use PoEdit app or do python compilemessages --locale=de (Python&Django are required).

There are way easier and more sane ways of doing this, like transifex but you have to pay, so...

I guess you may just share a link to your translated po file, that will be fine too.

Esteban C Borsani
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  • 31 May '14

Good news, Transifex is free for open source projects
I've sent you an invite to your email, so you can start translating to german.

Project can be found here

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Johan Jeppsson
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  • 2 Jun '14

I've submitted a Swedish translation. If there are any swedes around, you can view and comment on the translation here.

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