Is Spirit planning to support migration with existing software

  • 16 Jun '15

Spirit is great.

Is there any road map for building APIs to support exiting website? I am looking forward to use it in my website.

Esteban C Borsani
  • 1
  • 19 Jun '15

you mean integration? like with wordpress for example?

There's currently no way to integrate it with an existing website that it's not built with python. Some people has successfully integrated it with mezzanine, AFAIK, which is built with python and django.

But yeah, I'll build such APIs at some point, there are just other features to implement first.

Eduardo Rivas
  • 15 Sep '15

Hey, I'm super interested in integrating with Mezzanine. Do you have more details about that?

  • 21 Sep '15

This is perfect