Using Spirit as a DjangoCMS module

  • 2 Jul '15

I've been trying to use Spirit as a djangoCMS extension and have been unsuccessful so far. Spirit urls and user model seem to get in the way. Any advice would be appreciated :)

Esteban C Borsani
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  • 2 Jul '15

I dont know how djangoCMS's extensions work, but you can prefix your urls (ie: /forum/...) as in any other django app. Spirit 0.3 will no longer extend the user model the way it does now, it will use a OneToOneField, so you may want to wait a little longer (about a week or two), since I'm working on it.

You can try the experimental branch (github) in the meantime, so when v0.3 is out you can integrate it right away.

  • 13 Jul '15

Thanks! We'll test the 0.3 version right away. As for the prefix solution - already got that working!