Running multiple forums under one installation

  • 7 Aug '15


I'm currently thinking about a project with multiple independent forums powered by one installation, so that I can create forums like:

All with their own userbase and completely independent from each other.

Is there something already built in to accomplish that?

Esteban C Borsani
  • 1
  • 8 Aug '15

powered by one installation

If you mean one installation and multiple Spirit instances, then yes. You'd just use different settings files (with different databases, media_root, secret keys, ...) for each subdomain and run a webserver (ie: gunicorn) for each of them.

If you mean a single Spirit instance, then nop. It probably won't be, since it's not worth it as far as I'm concerned, except maybe for hosting providers. I know it is possible with Django database routers and some middleware, but I've never tried it before. Given it more thought, it's not quite that easy... haystack would also require customization, images should be saved in separate folders (ie: images/site_id/...) which requires making a few changes in Spirit, django-djconfig does not supports this (it'd be trivial to support it, though) and there are probably more issues that don't come to mind right now. Go with the multiple instances solution