Custom templates?

  • 27 Aug '15


first of all this project looks really promising!

My question is: Can we override the templates? Basically I would like for the forum to extend my base.html as every other page does, mainly to keep my header/footer and allow for customizing css classes to comply with the rest of the website.

Am I missing something entirely, or is this not possible?


Esteban C Borsani
  • 27 Aug '15


You can override the _base.html template located at /templates/spirit/_base.html and also the _header.html and _footer.html.

You will have to override the base to add yours assets such as .css files. Keep in mind you will have to keep it up to date with future versions. Until django-hooks gets implemented in to Spirit there is no easy way to customize templates.

  • 28 Aug '15

Great, thanks!