[FIXED] post count wrong when moving comments to same topic

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  • 12 Jun '14

when i marked the initial comment and the only answer to it and moved it to the same topic id as the both comments where already belonging to, the counter started to show 4 comments in the dashboard for this topic, but inside where just the original two.

//edit: can reproduce; after repeating this procedure for some time, the counter shows over 20 now, but still, just the original two posts inside :)

//edit²: if i move a comment to a topic, the old counter dosent subtract the comment but adds it to the new topic, when moved back, the same happens. so i can push the counter up, just by moving one comment between two topics.

Esteban C Borsani
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  • 12 Jun '14

Yeah... I just read this on that piece of code # TODO: comment_move signal (update topic comment_count)
Will fix it.

Edit: This is fixed!

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