Adding Spirit on top of an existing django project

  • 10 Apr '18

Any docs related to this?

Esteban Castro Borsani
  • 10 Apr '18

I didn't write any docs yet. But a simple integration should be easy to do. Just add Spirit's urls and settings, then apply migrations and done. If you have a login/logout/register view, then either remove those views from Spirit (there's no way to disable them right now, but PRs are welcome) or from your project (i.e keep just one way to login/etc).

A more complex integration requires more work. For example to add some links or navigation to the current template, you would have to override spirit/_base.html probably. Check the spirit.core's templates.

Here's a Q&A about integrating Spirit into mezzanine [0]. There are many other Q&A's around but they are mostly out-of-date.


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  • 10 Apr '18

@nitely Excellent, thank you so much! I really appreciate your response. :) Will give it a try now