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The need to reverse engineer

  • 25 Jul '18

I find it odd that there is no how-to guide for this software. A half-hour video on youtube would be enough to get someone started. That would take all of an hour to produce.
It will be no wonder if the project goes nowhere, even if it is great software, when there is no documentation.
If one is not an expert at Django then one is not worthy to use this software. The support attitude is "figure it out yourself dumbass".
You can't even say RTFM for this software as there is no fucking manual.
In any case, I will continue in my efforts to reverse engineer it, despite being a Django newbie, as it seems easier at this stage then installing something else.

nitelyEsteban Castro Borsani
  • 25 Jul '18

Well, I made this for myself TBH. You are free to contribute, tho. But the thing is, for those familiar with python and django, everything code related is pretty standard. For users, I consider a user manual a failure. If the forum needs a manual, I don't want to use it.

You asked me where the link to the admin dashboard is earlier today. Well, admins can access the dashboard from the dropdown at the top right.