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API to mobile app?

what2003杰 吴

i don't know if spirit could do API to interact with flutter

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nitelyEsteban Castro Borsani

What are you trying to do? I suspect you are trying to integrate Spirit into some mobile app. Depending on the kind of integration, this ranges from difficult to pretty much impossible. When I say "impossible", I mean you are better off choosing a forum that provides an API for everything outside the box, if that's the kind of integration you need. However, a very simple integration, like showing "read only comments" would be doable.

what2003杰 吴
  • 23 May

Thank you, and that's helpful. I might have to find another solution for my mobile app.

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funsholaniyiMorgan Morales
  • 13 Jun


  • 9 Sep

it's a game changer if we can have mobile app for this forum

nitelyEsteban Castro Borsani

@pilgrim.me I thought PWAs are supposed to solve this (that "add to home" thingy) and remove the barrier of installing an app. The only problem is there's no way to integrate Spirit to an existing mobile app. To do that I'd have to provide REST APIs for everything, and it'd require to write a front-end for mobile anyway. There is iOS and Android which require either native apps or a cross platform one, but these don't integrate well with each other. So, multiple front-ends would have to be written for each possible platform out there (native iOS, native Android, React Native, Flutter, etc). Unless I'm missing something, it's just not feasible.