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Spirit on Heroku (one click install)

nitelyEsteban Castro Borsani
  • 14 Oct '16

I created this deployment a while ago, but never posted it here. Heroku is a PaaS, really cool to easily deploy apps, it works well for small/medium size apps, for anything else is a little too expensive. It's probably best suite for private communities without too much traffic.

Anyway, you can check this spirit-heroku repo I created and deploy your own Spirit community with just one click.

The free tier is kind of crappy (ie: the site takes a few seconds to respond the first time when it's idle more than 30 minutes), but it's ok to test the service.

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  • 8 Feb

Nice one, thanks for the repo. I believe this software have a lot of potentials. How do you compare the performance with other popular forum software?

nitelyEsteban Castro Borsani
  • 8 Feb

I haven't so I can't say. Not Python nor Django are particularly fast, but that's rarely an issue since most of the time is spent on the database and other I/O stuff. There are a few tips to make it faster, like using an in-memory cache (memcache or Redis). Also, it does not require many resources. This here is the cheapest DigitalOcean VPS (512MB RAM, 1 core processor). That much I can say.

  • 8 Feb

Ok but the best thing about Python is the compilation, a website with heavy traffic will probably perform far better than PHP. Python starts slowly but gets better with more load while PHP starts very fast but will always do the same thing over and over again hence a big load to server with high traffic,

battlecatfdf sdf
  • 15 Feb

this is very good