{{ config.site_description }} or config .....

  • 21 Jul '20


Thank you for building the this forum.

At the moment I'm trying to start a project to replace my current Vanilla Forum webiste to a Django website. Because I didn't want to start from scratch and build every component from scratch, I decided to give Spirit a try.

I was wondering, where does Spirit store "config" values? Example: {{ config.site_description }}

I can't seem to find it and Pycharm doesn't find a value to it either.

Would you ble able to shed some light on this? I'm sure that are others that are looking at this as well.

Thank you,

Esteban C Borsani
  • 21 Jul '20

The config is available to all the templates. It's built using django-djconfig. The config form is in the admin app. If you grep "site_description", it'll find the form, I guess pycharm can't handle dynamic code well, and django internal use dynamic code and metaprogramming a lot.

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