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{{ config.site_description }} or config .....

  • 21 Jul


Thank you for building the this forum.

At the moment I'm trying to start a project to replace my current Vanilla Forum webiste to a Django website. Because I didn't want to start from scratch and build every component from scratch, I decided to give Spirit a try.

I was wondering, where does Spirit store "config" values? Example: {{ config.site_description }}

I can't seem to find it and Pycharm doesn't find a value to it either.

Would you ble able to shed some light on this? I'm sure that are others that are looking at this as well.

Thank you,

nitelyEsteban Castro Borsani
  • 21 Jul

The config is available to all the templates. It's built using django-djconfig. The config form is in the admin app. If you grep "site_description", it'll find the form, I guess pycharm can't handle dynamic code well, and django internal use dynamic code and metaprogramming a lot.