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Mobile Display and the unneeded spaces.

  • 16 May

The template is no doubt great and the display in mobile devices is no doubt flawless, however, I find the blank space under the avatar in the mobile display as waste. Take a look at the screenshot below. Screenshot_20170517-004905.png

nitelyEsteban Castro Borsani
  • 17 May

Yes, you are absolutely right. In fact the whole template should be re-written. I made it in the dark times when flexbox was not widely supported. Moving the avatar above the text would be easy nowadays. It's in my to-do list when I'm able to resume development.

  • 17 May

Yeah, the avatar should be moved above his give the post body the much needed space. It is will also be make the image display inside post much better.

The most interesting feature is the share function inside each post. That's amazing!

  • 17 May

Maybe you should contemplate on using ckeditor.

  • 18 May

I also think likes should be visible to the guests while only the registered members will have the permission to like posts.