Compatibility with Django 4

  • 29 Jul

Hello! Is it planned to make the django-spirit forum compatible with Django version 4?
I have successfully instal the forum to my project website, however it conflicts with django-ckeditor, which requests django 4. As the result, I have to use older version of the CKEditor, which seems to have some bugs in it, so I stuck on it.

Артем Василенко
  • 31 Jul

may be...

  • 28 Sep

I was able to make django-spirit forum run on Django 4.1.1, actually all dependencies are updated to the most current version except for mistune . All you need to do is: for every file in the package, replace all lines that says: from django.conf.urls import re_path, include, with from django.urls import re_path, include.
The codebase for mistune has been rewritten quite a bit, a lot more work needs to be done on the spirit side, to make it reconnect to the library. I am working on this and will report...